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While dying, Lucifer says that he won't completely die and swears that he will eventually revive and return to reign the world. Before it happens, Arthur decides to travel in search of a weapon powerful enough to completely extinguish Lucifer. While seeing Arthur off in his journey, Princess Prin Prin was sure that Arthur would someday return, and the people began the reconstruction of the damaged castle and town. After 4 years and some months, the town was crowded with people, who celebrate the complete reconstruction. Arthur, listening about it in a neighboring country, rushes back to the kingdom. With the town rebuilt and reuniting with Arthur for the first time after years, the princess was full of joy and the two strongly hugged each other. But at that time... The princess is suddenly taken away to the Demon Realm. Arthur was surprised, as it was too early for Lucifer's revival, but realizes it must not be him, someone else must be responsible for the Demon Realm's reappearance and kidnapping the princess. Taking his Lance, Arthur departs alone to the Demon Realm in order to rescue the princess and stop this new menace.

Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, originally released in Japan as Chōmakaimura, is a side-scrolling platform game produced by Capcom originally released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991. It is the third game in the Ghosts 'n Goblins series. The game was included in the video game compilation Capcom Generations: Chronicles of Arthur for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn, as well as in Capcom Classics Collection for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Capcom Classics Collection: Reloaded for the PlayStation Portable. A remake of the game was released for the Game Boy Advance which features an additional game mode with new stages. The original SNES version was released for the Wii Virtual Console and was released for the Wii U Nintendo eShop on May 16, 2013.

The crosses in the game were modified from the original Chōmakaimura, where they resemble church crosses; in Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts, they appear as ankhs. The final boss was also renamed from Samael to Sardius. The PAL version also removed certain enemies in the game, like the third fiery skull on level 1. It is unclear why these changes were made as it made little overall difference to the difficulty of the game.

A straight port of the Super NES version of Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts is featured alongside the arcade versions of Ghosts 'n Goblins and Ghouls 'n Ghosts in the video game compilation Capcom Generation: Chronicles of Arthur for PlayStation, which was also released for the Sega Saturn in Japan as Capcom Generation 2. This PS version of the game is also included in Capcom Classics Collection for PlayStation 2 and Xbox and Capcom Classics Collection: Reloaded for PlayStation Portable. The aforementioned ports are notable for having removed the slowdown which plagued the original Super NES version. The Game Boy Advance version, released simply as Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts in North America and Europe and as Chōmakaimura R in Japan, features an "Arrange Mode" that enables the player to choose from redesigned levels and bosses based on the original Ghosts 'n Goblins and Ghouls 'n Ghosts, depending on their success in keeping the bronze armor, or a higher difficulty tier of the standard levels set upon keeping the golden armor. Unlike the Normal Mode, in Arrange the Goddess' Bracelet is already accessible during the first playthrough. Unlike the Capcom Generations/Classics Collection ports, the Game Boy Advance port retains the slowdown of the original Super NES version, even in the redesigned levels.The SNES version of the game was released for the Virtual Console on the Wii on March 5, 2007 and on the Wii U on May 16, 2013. The GBA version was also released for the latter system in the PAL regions on February 19, 2015.



1-1: run to the far left of the first screen and jump. then jump over the first pillar, walk a little ways then walk back towards the pillar.

1-2: jump around to the left of the first screen a little bit and a chest will appear. jump over the first rolling skeleton then jump back over him to get the chest.

2-1: once you jump onto the ship do a couple double jumps around and you'll uncover a chest. now just continue walking and another chest will uncover on it's own.

2-2: before you get to the first spitting urchin move all around the screen, alot to uncover 2 chests right next to each other.

3-1: get the money sack to the right of the first ladder. then go down that ladder and down the ladder to the right.

3-2: jump up right before the third statue. on the upward slope tower just run along and a chest will uncover it's self.

4-1: jump around to the far left of the first screen. after the second rotation fight the green fire skull, a chest will appear right behind him.

4-2: I'm sure there're chests here but I haven't found any.

5-1:Jump around to the left of the first screen. after killing the first snow beast, use the double jump to leap just off the ledge the snow beast was on then back onto the ledge where the chest awaits. Note: If you mess up you die

5-2: jump off the first ledge to the left and a chest will appear. run under the platform in the begining and a chest will appear on the upper level.

6 : From the start just run and jump up the step. after you've defeated the gargoyles a chest appears before the stairs.

7 : from the start, jump around to the left and a chest will appear to the right. another one appears after you'vedefeated the top grey vulture head and moved on a ways


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