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Tags: Taito , MC68000

Main CPU : MC68EC020 @ 16MHz 
Sound CPU : MC68000 @ 16MHz 
Sound chip : ES5505 @ 16MHz 
Sound DSP Chip : ES5510 
Video resoution : 320x224 
Board composition : Board and Cartridge
Hardware Features : 4 scrolling layers (512x512 or 1024x512) of 4/5/6 bpp tiles, 1 scrolling text layer (512x512, characters generated in vram) 4bpp chars, 1 scrolling pixel layer (512x256 pixels generated in pivot ram) 4bpp pixels, 2 sprite banks (for double buffering of sprites), Sprites can be 4, 5 or 6 bpp, Sprite scaling, row scroll on all playfields, Line by line zoom on all playfields, column scroll on all playfields, Line by line sprite and playfield priority mixing, Alpha blending on playfields and VRAM layer.

Tags: Taito , MC68000

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