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Tags: SNK , Neo-Geo , MC68000 , Z80
Main CPU: MC68000 @ 12MHz 
Sound CPU: Z80 @ 4MHz 
Sound hardware: YM2610 @ 8MHz 
Sound Capability: Stereo up to 56KHz, 4 channels FM (4 operators + LFO) + 3 PSG + 1 noise + 7 4-bit ADPCM 
Video hardware: 2 palette banks with 4096 (15-bit) colours each. Simple (4-bit) tile layer + 380 zoomable, linkable sprite-strips. Sprite-strips consist of upto 32 16x16 (4-bit) tiles each. 
Resolution: 320x224. 
Main RAM: 64KB 
Sound RAM: 2KB 
Video RAM: 128KB (only 68KB is used) 
Main ROM: 128KB on-board (BIOS) + upto 8MB on cartridges 
Sound ROM: 128KB on-board (only less then 32KB used) + upto 512KB on cartridges 
Sprite ROM: up to 64MB 
Tile ROM: 128KB on-board + 128KB on cartridges, later cartridges use a portion of sprite ROM that can be larger. 
Sound ROM: up to 16MB 
Backup RAM: 64KB 
Clock/calender: NEC uPD4990a 
Memory Cards: JEIDA 3.0 compliant.
Tags: SNK , Neo-Geo , MC68000 , Z80

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