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Tags: Irem

CPU : V33 @ 9 MHz, V30 @ 7.159090 MHz 
Sound Chip : YM2151 @ 3.579545 MHz, GA20 @ 3.579545 MHz 
Other Chip : GA21, GA22 

Notes : The M92 is made from a top and bottom board, the top (main) board is common across the games, but the bottom (game) board can vary game to game. 
The sound cpu and the sprite chip are on the game board rather than the main board and can differ between games, see individual games for details. 
Each game has an encrypted sound cpu.

Hardware Abilitys : 3 scrolling playfields, 512 by 512. 
Each playfield can enable rowscroll, change shape (to 1024 by 512), be enabled/disabled and change position in VRAM. 

Tiles can have several priority values: 
0 = standard 
1 = Top 8 pens appear over sprites (split tilemap) 
2 = Whole tile appears over sprites 
3 = ? Seems to be the whole tile is over sprites (as 2). 

Sprites have 2 priority values: 
0 = standard 
1 = Sprite appears over all tiles, including high priority pf1 

Raster interrupts can be triggered at any line of the screen redraw, typically used in games like R-Type Leo to multiplex the top playfield.

Tags: Irem

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