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Tags: Taito , MC68000 , Z80

Main CPU : MC68000 @ 12MHz 
Sound CPU : Z80 @ 4MHz 
Sound chip : Either a YM2610, YM2610B or YM2203 depending on game. 
Custom Chips : TC0220IOC, TC0260DAR, TC0180VCU, and TC0140SYT 
Video resoution : 320x224 
Hardware Features : Almost indenticle to the Taito F2 System, but using a different set of graphics chips. It is a fairly flexible hardware platform. It supports 4 separate layers of graphics - one 64x64 tiled scrolling background plane of 16x16 tiles, a similar foreground plane, a sprite plane capable of sprite zooming and 'pageable' text plane of 8x8 tiles. 

Tags: Taito , MC68000 , Z80

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