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It was 40 years ago, at the height of World War II. The Japanese main squadron tasted defeat off the coast of Midway Islands. Some say that this battle greatly changed the outcome of the war. Can you destroy the battleship, 'Yamato' ? Relive the excitement of "1942" by controlling your P-38 equipped with six secret weapons in this vertically scrolling shoot'em up. In addition to the now famous loop, you have at your command, lightning, cyclone, and tsunami to ward off your enemies.
Main CPU : Z80
Sound CPU : Z80
Sound Chips : (2x) YM2203

Players : 2
Control : 8-way joystick
Buttons : 2
The subtitle of this game translates from Japanese as 'Midway Naval Battle'.

Bosses (from start to finish) : 
Tone (Japanese Heavy Cruiser) 
Kaga (Japanese Aircraft Carrier) 
Ayako 1 (Japanese Mother Bomber) 
Fus? (Japanese Battleship) 
Akagi (Japanese Aircraft Carrier) 
Daihiryu 1 (Japanese Aircraft Squadron) 
Ise (Japanese Battleship) 
Hiry? (Japanese Aircraft Carrier) 
Ayako 2 (Japanese Mother Bomber) 
Mutsu (Japanese Battleship) 
Daihiryu 2 (Japanese Aircraft Squadron) 
Yamashiro (Japanese Battleship) 
S?ry? (Japanese Aircraft Carrier) 
Ayako 3 (Japanese Mother Bomber) 
Nagato (Japanese Battleship) 
Yamato (Japanese Battleship and Final Boss) 

Default High-score table ('Ranking best 5') : 
1ST 200000 TAE 
2ND 150000 YAM 
3RD 100000 POO 
4TH 70000 MR. 
5TH 50000 BLB 

Soundtrack album releases : 
Capcom Game Music Vol. 3 (28XA-204) (April 20, 1988) [Alfa Record] 
Capcom Game Music Vol. 3 [Reprint] (SCDC-00198) (August 21, 2002) [Scitron Discs]
* Choose Your Weapon : Hold these buttons at the beginning of each stage to activate the weapon... 
Stage 1 for a Small Shot Gun, press 1P side Down and 2P side A. 
Stage 2 for a Big Shot Gun, press 1P side A and 2P side B. 
Stage 3 for a Laser, press 1P side Upright+A+B and 2P side Down+B. 
Stage 4 for a Big Shot Gun, press 1P side Downleft+B and 2P side Leftup. 
Stage 5 for a 3-way, press 1P side A and 2P side Up. 
Stage 6 for an Auto, press 1P side Left and 2P side Right+B. 
Stage 7 for a Shell, press 1P side Upleft and 2P side Down. 
Stage 8 for a 3-way, press 1P side Left+A+B and 2P side A+B. 
Stage 9 for a Laser, press 1P side Downright+A+B and 2P side Downright+A+B. 
Stage 10 for a Shell, press 1P side Upright+B and 2P side Downright. 
Stage 11 for an Auto, press 1P side Upleft and 2P Right+A. 
Stage 12 for a 3-way, press 1P side Right+A+B and 2P side Upright+A+B. 
Stage 13 for an Auto, press 1P side Up and 2P side Down. 
Stage 14 for a Laser, press 1P side Upleft+A+B and 2P side Right+A+B. 
Stage 15 for a Shell, press 1P side Downright+A and 2P side Downleft+A. 
Stage 16 for an Auto, press 1P side Right+A and 2P side Upright+A. 

* Full Ammunition Load : A little known trick in the game is to hold down the fire button at the very end of a board immediately after beating the boss. By holding down the button until the plane takes off in the subsequent board, the game gives you a full ammunition load (65 Seconds)! This trick only works every third board or so and it may even change your selected weapon. 

* The '100% accuracy' bonus refers NOT to how many planes you down during the round, but rather how many of the guns on the enemy aircraft carriers you get. For this reason, it's best to ignore the planes and concentrate on the ships - that's where the big points are. 

* It's possible to shoot one of the ships just before your plane dives in to battle the fleet, and that you can capture the flames that erupt from it. This gives a 10000 point bonus. 

* At some points in the background there are 'shootable' patches which will yield a bonus when shot enough. They can be recognized by the sparks which will occur when your bullets hit them. One such bonus is on level one : it is on the lowest part of the second cloud bank to the left after the last large plane of the level appears. It appears as a cow. There is also another shootable area which appears after the first ship in the first level, in the water above it. 
1) The cow bonus is worth 20, 000 points, and on the first level, it's followed by a strange object that looks like a dragonfly moving right to left across the screen. Shooting the dragonfly yields an additional 10000 point bonus. 
2) The cow and dragonfly bonuses also appear on other rounds; the cow can sometimes be seen on the deck of a carrier! 
3) There's a bonus shaped like a spinning cat (!). When collected, it upgrades your weapon to a laser. 

* The 'star' bonus gives you 5000 points when caught. It may also increase the capacity of your fuel gauge by eight units (mine went from 64 to 72 units). The white star also gives you the max seconds of weapon (if you get it with no weapon, the next time you get one you'll get 64 seconds instead of 20). 

* (This has been reported on level 2, but may exist on other levels as well) : Sometimes an astronaut will emerge from the side of the final (boss) ship and walk off the screen. Shoot it for 100000 points! This happens most often when the command tower is shot repeatedly before the ship is destroyed. 

* If you get the 'propeller' power-up (it looks like a propeller over a circle), your energy level will be fully replenished. 

* Still another bonus is shaped like an pine cone or acorn. When you fly over a certain spot, the pine cone shows up and is worth 2000 points. 

* When the boss ship explodes, the control center breaks into 4 pieces. The pieces are worth 10000 points each if shot. 

* If you shoot a POW enough to cycle it through about 4 or 5 times, it will turn into a fuel-tank :) that helps a GREAT deal on the last few stages, especially a stage or 2 where they DON'T give you a full tank at the end of the cloud stage before you go to the water! - 1943: The Battle of Midway - PCB

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